Sophia Electric™ 300B Tube Amplifiers
Mono-block Single Ended



Sophia Electric of Virginia, USA is introducing Baby 300B mono-block single ended tube amplifiers.

Designed by Dr. DWU and Richard Wugang, father and son, hand made in Virginia, USA.

Circuit: Single ended 300B amplifier without feedback.
Transformers: Designed by Dr. DWU, made in house by Sophia Electric.
Main Power supply capacitors: Vintage GE oil capacitors.


300B amplifier



Price: 3850 euro per mono-block pair without tubes, or 4500 euro per pair with Sophia Electric Princess 300B mesh plate tubes and vintage NOS driver tubes.





Baby amp
Sophia Electric™ KT88 Amplifier
sweetheart amp
Sophia Electric™ Sweetheart amplifier
El-34 amplifier
Sophia Electric™ 300B Stereo Amplifier
El-34 amplifier
Sophia Electric™ 845 Amplifier

S.E.T.™ Music Tube Amplifiers

Baby amp
S.E.T.™ Music Baby Amplifier
El-34 amplifier
S.E.T.™ Music EL-34 Amplifier discontinued
New Replacement

Sophia Electric™ 6SN7 Dual Mono Tube Preamp

tube pre-amplifier


This 6SN7 dual mono tube preamp is all tube design. It is point-to-point wiring. Each channel uses one unit of 6SN7 and one unit of 274B rectifier.

New Sophia Electric™ 



Sweetheart amplifier



Designers: Dr. DWU and Richard Wugang

Voiced by: Richard Wugang's team

Sonic characters and performance: Warm Lush, yet very natural. Easy spirit. Full mid-range with no shortage of highs and bass extensions. Very magical sound at affordable price for middle class music lovers and audiophiles under budget.

Transformers and chokes: Sophia Electric in house made with high end quality iron material and pure OFC copper.

Other Parts:
Capacitors: Blackgate, Sophia Electric, ICC, CDE.
Resistors: Allen Bradley, Dale, Sophia Electric.


Power: Integrated Dual-Mono 30 watts x 2, Stereo Push-pull circuit design
Inputs: Five sets of RCA inputs.
Output tubes: 6CA7/KT77/EL34 family tubes x 4 units
Frequency: 7Hz - 30 KHz at -+3dB
Signal/Noise Ratio: -90dB
Hum: 2mv with AC tube filament
net Weight: 50 pounds
Dimensions: 8" H x 18" W x 12" D
AC Power: 120V/60Hz USA model or 230V/50Hz European/Asian model
Required break in time: 50 hours on tubes, 100-200 hours on output transformers
Warranty: One Year parts and labor, one year for Sophia Electric brand tubes, 6 month for non-Sophia Electric tubes. Reasonable cost for upgrades and repair (when needed) in our facility in Virginia or California, USA

specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation

Sophia Electric™ Tubes

Tubes for 300B amplifiers:

Sophia Electric rigid S.E.T. Princess™ 300B tube
S.E.T. Princess™ 300B Carbon Plate
Sophia Electric S.E.T. Princess™ 300B Mesh tube
S.E.T. Princess™ 300B Mesh Plate

300B mesh tube
300B globe mesh plate

Tubes for 2A3 amplifiers:

Sophia Electric S.E.T. Princess™ 300B 2.5V Mesh tube
New Princess™ 300B 2.5V
300B 2.5V mesh tube
300B 2.5V mesh plate tube
2A3 mesh tube
2A3 mesh plate tube

45/PX25/274B/300B+/205D/Princess 206 tubes:

Sophia Electric 45 mesh plate tube
45 mesh plate tube
PX25 mesh plate tube
px25 mesh plate tube
274B tube
274B/274A tube
300B+ mesh tube
300B+ carbon plate tube
2A3 mesh tube
205D rigid & mesh tube
Sophia Electric S.E.T. Princess™ tube
S.E.T. Princess™ 206




Company History

Company History:
The company started with two small boutiques U.S. east coast custom amplifier makers. In 2001, Richard Wugang family brought in much needed capital, marketing expertise and industrial capability to the company. Richard Wugang, a former banker, audiophile and vintage classic amplifier collector, took the lead for the new company and recruited a few top US designers and engineers and expanded product lines into amplifiers, vacuum tubes, speakers and audiophile grade capacitors.

Today Sophia Electric is a major player in the US audiophile market and also has clients in many European/Asian countries. We are looking forward to adding dealers and distributors worldwide to expand our markets to the next new level.

Sophia Electric designers:
Sophia Electric tube amplifiers are designed by Richard Wugang and his father Dr. DWU and hand made by Richard Wugang family and company in the U.S. An entry level line of amplifiers bear a trademark of S.E.T. (Sophia Electric Technology) will be made by SET Ltd of China founded by Dr. DWU.

Dr.DWU, electrical engineer and mechanical engineer, collector of vintage radio, audio tubes and tube amplifiers, designed most of the Sophia Electric amplifiers alone with Richard Wugang and Anne W.J. Dr. DWU is a co-founder of S.E.T. Ltd of China.

X.HE, electrical engineer, former top technical engineer for MCI Worldcom, is a Sophia Electric top designer and manager.

Anne W.J., a former German Simens manager, is a Sophia Electric designer and manager.

And a few designers/engineers do not wish to print names here. Sophia Electric is a research oriented company. We even make our own transformers.