The result move to enthusiasm: it's the first loudspeaker system that I have listened able to recreate, also due to an efficiency that reaches 100 dB, the plastic impact of a live concert. The sound quality is magically balanced, soft, never aggressive (this time in spite of the high efficiency), realistic provided that the Hornblower (this is the name of the system) has enough room. The control of the low frequencies is extraordinary as the mild precision at the high frequencies, the realistic fullness of the middle frequencies is at the State of the Art. ... Image is impressed and three-dimensional as no other system can do today. ... There is also a "little" version, named PRAXIS. But why to make way to the Praxis when the Theory is a solid reality?AUDIO REVIEW no 136 



Multipole: the revoluctionary systems able to recreate at home the emotions of live concerts.

The ULTRASOUND multipolar systems, employing multiple interferring sources - a solution never explored before because considered impossible - can obtain a spectacular reconstruction of acoustic stage. The exceptional efficiency of the custom built loudspeakers, together with the virtual crossover elimination and with the particular construction of the systems, allows unmatched dynamics and transparency. This combination of characteristics makes the multipolar systems absolutely unique: for the first time the sweetness and the transparency typical of an electrostatic system gets married with the efficiency and the dynamics of the horn systems, with in addition an incomparable spatial reconstruction. The HORNBLOWER system, due also to the exclusive DBL system (Double Balanced Line) of reproduction of the low frequencies, establishes new limits in the domestic reproduction; the PRAXIS and EXCALIBUR systems are instead designed to make more accessible to the people the technology and the performances of the ULTRASOUND multipolar systems.









Energetic: small dimensions, great performances.



The ENERGETIC series is a solution for the people that has little rooms but wants a high-level listening, without the limits normally given by small loudspeakers. To overcome these limits, we have developed extraordinary transducers, designed with most advanced technologies, assembled one by one completely by hand and selected in couples; in this way we have lower tolerances and greater performances respect to industrial production. We can model the response of each single loudspeaker controlling mechanical and acoustical parameters; in this way we can develop - for example - a woofer and a tweeter with complementary frequency response, so there is no need for electrical filtering. Therefore the systems are practically without crossover avoiding distortions, phase shifts, delays and power consumption introduced by it. Besides, the realization of the cabinets, in steel, is based on an accurate study of the mechanical forces during operation; the great stiffness - low mass structure reduces colorations induced by cabinet and optimizes time-domain response. More, we achieve a total shielding of electro-magnetic fields, while the particular shape allows an optimal distribution of internal pressure. The front baffle is made of a sandwich of steel and solid walnut; this is finished by hand with oil (no industrial varnishing).

All these characteristics - high efficiency, lack of crossover and absorbent and particular construction of the cabinet - give an accurate treatment of the musical signal, with very low distortions even at very high listening volume. These systems are the optimal solution for the very high dynamics that current sources (DVD, SACD) can deliver: take a look to a film with these systems and you will understand very clearly that problems in Home Theatre are not in the soundtrack, but in the systems, simply not adequate.

The range is based on 4 models, from mini up to floorstanding system. The GOLD version, available since ALIAS, has stunning characteristics: they are the only multi-driver systems in the world totally without a crossover, with the transducers linkable either in parallel (as usual) either in series. They have the same advantages as mono-way, none of the defects.

These systems are really unique in the world. These are not lies: these loudspeakers have been compared (in hundreds of different situations) with the most expensive products available. So if you can demonstrate us there is something better at the
















An amplifier is a device that has an electric signal of small entity in input and must transform it in something able to drive a loudspeaker; therefore, it is not sufficient to amplify the voltage of it, but it is also necessary to provide the adequate current. In other words, it must furnish POWER to the loudspeaker. The power can be provided in 3 different way:


VOLTAGE driving The output impedance of the amplifier is very lower than that of the loudspeaker. In this way, we keep constant the voltage, while the current varies. It is the simplest system, used by all the solid state amplifiers, but it is the worst from the point of view of the musical result.
POWER driving The output impedance of the amplifier is equal to that of the loudspeaker. The maximum transfer of power is achieved; such a system is used in tube amplifiers (through the output transformers).
CURRENT driving The output impedance of the amplifier is very higher than that of the loudspeaker. In this way, we keep constant the current, while the voltage varies. It is a system never used because his complexity, but it is the best in absolute from the point of view of the musical result.

Due to great transparency and coherence of our speakers, the quality of all components behind is underlined to the maximum. That has pushed us to seek for amplifiers with superior performances than actual ones, with ours usual philosophy: take the way that carries longer, independently from the difficulties and from the costs, with the only limit of the physical laws. Starting from the fundamental point that the music is not made by sinusoids (that is, static signals), but on the contrary by signals quickly varying in time (transitory), we have rejected the voltage driving and choosen the current driving. Since there is no experience on this solution (there are however many convinctions absolutely wrong), we have therefore performed a long research to understand if in this way was possible to design something really better than all amplifiers builded so far.

After many years of research, ULTRASOUND has been able to build some current generators (click on the link for technical info) that directly control the current in the loudspeaker, resulting in a substantial reduction of distortion. These devices represent a real revolution in amplification, offering important advantages as regards the conventional amplifiers:

first, feedback that happens in a voltage-driven loudspeaker is eliminated;
non-linearity due to overlapping of forces of different nature in the loudspeaker is also eliminated;
frequency response in dynamic regime is extended;
better coupling with the loudspeaker is achieved;
number of components crossed by the signal is reduced, approaching the ideal of "wire with gain" considered the goal to reach.

The first, concrete result of this new technology is represented by the fabulous OTELLO, a dream machine in which the charm of the thermionic tubes is married with the most modern technologies; an OTL with 6 transformers, with adjustable polarisation, without any type of feedback;

an amplifier with zero damping factor that has the fastest and articulated bass that anyone could hear. An amplifier with a cabinet entirely in solid walnut wood, completely hand-wired, in which practically everything has been built ad hoc by three engineers who have worked for almost 5 years on it: an unique piece for a dreaming musical result.

The revolution goes on with the PARSEC, which with his megaohm output impedance constitutes an ideal current generator, able to handle 30 amperes on every load. In this amplifier the signal crosses only 3 components (volume control included) between input and output, for a musical result incomparable for transparency, speed and harmonic structure.

Supply transformers separated for each of the components crossed by the signal, stabilised power supply, a 6 position adjustable polarisation, a cabinet entirely in wood to avoid electromagnetic distortions, control of the vibrations produced by the components, minimisation of the mechanical and acoustic feedback, wiring entirely made of copper bars: these characteristics make it a unique piece in the world.