In the mid 90s, Salabert formed PHY-HP. That's pronounced "fee", with HP short-hand forhaute parleuror loudspeakers. Today, a meager four small commercial companies use his drivers in their product......





History has much to teach us. New isn't always... better.

PHY-HP   reminds us of such matters and offers alternatives as long as there's enough people caring enough to support this tiny outfit and its colorful crusty core character called Bernard Salabert*.


PHOTO : OCELLIA speakers with PHY 30 silver coaxial units


First and only coaxial driver, as far as we know, that is also time aligned ( the 2 emissive centers are at the same place ) and that is not disturbed by recovering frequencies and a filter right on the most sensible zone for the human ear : 30 cm ( 12" ) high efficiency wide range unit non filtered : 97 db, paper cone, basket and ring made from bronze SN12 without lead, pole pieces made of very mild steel < 0,20% carbon in pot shape with central alnico 3SC ( = no magnetic looses ), plus piezo-electric tweeter featuring high impedance, into a bronze pot SN12, sharply filtered at 11 kHz and climbing over 30 kHz ( c .f. docTW 37) .

Each driver part is controlled and measured all along the manufacturing process . Each driver is put under a very serious pre-running and then measured in order to match pairs with max tolerance delta as 0,2gr. on mobile equipment mass, 0.1 Ohms on d.c. resistance , 2Hz on resonance frequency, is numbered and life guaranty ( first owner ) .



photo :coaxial 30 with silver /silk coils ..made by hand of course !!(FRANCE)



.."About good drive units in general, it's really very simple. Physics tell us that we must have very light moving mass since mass operates as the square of the inertial position (in fact square + 1) so you can never compensate by magnetic field strength or amplifier power. This becomes even more important when you listen to music. Music, on average, is a mix of 30% sinusoid and 70% very steep short signals (impulses, transients and such). If a sinusoidal wave is easily reproduced, transient spikes are far more difficult to render properly. For that the mobile equipment (cone + spider + leads + voice coil) should have an infinite slew rate i.e. zero mass. That's impossible of course but you must come as close as possible to 0. You need a very light cone that is rigid enough and features progressive fracturization in an hyperbolic-exponential profile. Only paper with long and short fibers can accomplish that, plush a small-diameter voice coil where one layer is inside and one outside of the former to transmit the movements of the coil with the fewest possible losses (I use impregnated vellum). It is simply in respect to basic PHYsical laws that I made these choices, not to return to the roots per se. But surely it is not a random coincidence that people from the 30s to 70s made drivers like this. They were not stupid as it seems a lot of people today like to believe. These physical laws haven't changed. Obeying them once again not only makes for better drive units, it is also a very nice way to keep alive the knowledge about these technical matters....."





But there's more to this story. Dr. Pierre Johannet's research on MDI orMicro Discharge Interfacedistortion conducted at the French National Electricity institute quite independent from audio applications is, according to Salabert, "the only meaningful new discovery relevant to audio over the last 40 years". Simplified, MDI They are also bad for your health."deals with extremely steep high amplitude ultrasonic spikes which, in audio, become modified to resemble the sine wave component of the signal sufficiently to cause audible distortion by intermodulation. Additionally, MDI creates positive Langevin ions which change the air to less effectively support sound propagation. "Whether they knew why or not, the old Japanese who had water fountains in their listening rooms neutralized certain MDI side effects instinctively." Today, a negative ion generator could do the same of course but it won't eliminate the causes, just minimize certain symptoms. To attack the causes requires, according to Bernard and Physics, a stubborn refusal to employ any synthetic materials. "