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Positive Feedback ISSUE 58 november/december 2011

The 8th Annual Positive Feedback Online's Writers' Choice Awards for 2011 - The Best of the Best!



 ....The Rock 7 ranks with other turntables that cost $10K or more yet has a list price of about $3000 (without tonearm). Think of all the extra LPs you could buy for this difference! The Rock 7 has a unique suspension system that effectively isolates the turntable from outside disturbances, but its most noteworthy feature is the amazing "trough", filled with damping fluid, that the tonearm headshell floats in. Damping provided by the trough smooths the bass response and controls other resonances in the cartridge/tonearm system that muddy the sound.



Music through the Rock 7 emanates from a dead silent background and the action of the trough sharpens transients and lifts veils that otherwise obscure inner detail. The result is that music literally explodes from the groove and provides a sense of musical flow that I was never aware of before. Whether you have a $100 cartridge or a $5000 cartridge the Rock 7 will get the best out of it. It requires some tinkering to sound its best but worth the effort. Highest recommendation!

 by Dave Robertson






Rock 7 - The Absolute Sound review

One of the world's most respected reviewers, Robert E Greene,  has given The Rock 7 the most compelling review in The Absolute Sound magazine. 


 "The Rock VII is one amazing turntable design."

"Perhaps there are people who admire vinyl not for its real virtues but for its potential failings-resonances, ringing, and the like-who might prefer the sound sans trough more. But anyone who knows the sound of mike feeds or mastertapes-or music-will want the trough back in use instantly."

"…….the Townshend Rock VII shows what remarkable results can be obtained, not by flinging mass and money at the problem, but by inspired engineering. And some of the sonic virtues of the Rock VII are otherwise unavailable elsewhere at any price. The trough rules!"

Trough Luck

December 28th, 2010 - by Robert E. Greene








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