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Allaerts is far from a household name among cartridge makers. This is primarily because there are very few of these cartridges around. Each one is individually hand-made by Jan Allaerts himself and the models from the MC1B up take over forty hours of work to complete. That's a week's work. Most "handmade" cartridges take a few minutes or a couple of hours at most. Allaerts is an obsessive. The degree of precision is difficult to surpass. Allaerts believes that stresses in metal will alter the sound so he individually grinds and mills each terminal from a piece of iron to not stretch or distort the molecules. The terminal pins are milled from 14 carat gold. The gold coils in the Finish are 20 microns


 thin and hand wound because there is no machine capable of the delicacy needed. Every aspect of the cartridge represents something close to state of the art, from the gold-leafed copper cartridge case (acting as a Faraday cage), to the aged Schor rubber suspension (which will last many decades), the seriously powerful rare earth magnet and the boron cantilever (it may still be possible to request other materials for the cantilever.).



MC2  cantilever


These technical characteristics translate into some fairly unheard-of performance figures. Channel separation runs from 60db at 1k to 70dB at 100Hz and 20kHz. That's right, 70dB...!!! Look at the specs on almost all high-end cartridges. Getting to 35dB is an achievement. 70dB reads like a misprint and along with the Formula One represents the state of the art. Frequency response is flat from 3Hz to 100kHz.  

Coil impedance 32 Ohm 
Load impedance 845 Ohm
Load capacity   150 pF 
Stylus pressure 1.8 grams, Max. tolerance 0,05 gram
Output voltage 150 µV 
Max. tracing capacity >400 µmm 
Channel separation >70 dB at 100  Hz
>60 dB at 1   KHz
>70 dB at 20 KHz
Frequency range    3 Hz to 150 KHz 
Total  THD % 0.01  % 
Total unit weight 11 grams (incl. socket screws) 



MC2 F1
Casing Manually milled and drilled aluminium. 
Special prepare for Gold coated 100 µmm 
Cover 0,3 mm thick, coated with 24 ct. gold foil. 
Color Gold colored finish  24 ct Kobalt.
Terminals Soft iron, shaped by grinding and milling. 
Special prepare for Gold coated 100 µmm 
Connector pins 1,3 mm x 20 mm, 14 ct. solid gold pins. 
Screw bushes 2.5 mm brass threaded bushes mounded into casing. 
Magnet Permanent. (Cat.: rare earth magnet)  Samarium-Cobalt 
Power : max. BH (Kj/m3°) 280 
Coil 2 mm x 2 mm, Teflon Type c 1005 +
Coil windings 20 micron gold handwinding wire +
Stylus holder Solid Boron rod: 0,3 mm x 7 mm. 
Angle of stylus in holder: 0°. 
Stylus tip TIP FG-S High Tech diamond, highly polished finish. 
Rounded radius 4 micron. 
Shock absorption High Tech Rubber, 120 SCHOR
Tension wire Steel wire spring, code 1007 +. 




 6 MOON REVIEW  :http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/allaerts/finish.html




                                       Jan Allaerts F1 (photo-velvet audio )




Hi-Fi Choice



overall rating

5 stars

Jan Allaerts - HiFi Choice


"It made a positive impression from the out, delivering alarming bass power alongside broad dynamic and tonal variety from The Aphex Twin's robust Windowlicker. Moving onto something more subtle, Shostakovich's String Quartet No 8 revealed the cartridge's ability to reveal timbre, string tone and presence which it did with considerable aplomb."


"This Allaerts cartridge proved impossible to criticize: either I'm losing my faculties (no comments please) or there aren't enough new cartridges getting reviewed these days. Or this is a very, very good cartridge. I imagine there are models that might equal it, but would be most surprised if there were any that could beat it at the price. If you're in the market for a serious needle, get on the waiting list now."






"If attention to detail, precision, and mechanical integrity are the hallmarks of how the Allaerts cartridges are built then it also sums up perfectly how this cartridge sounds"

"Supporting  melodies that were either only hinted at or not there at all, make their appearance and redefine the musical emphasis and therefore the performance.  Palestrina's Lassus contains a wealth of complex vocal layering that, whilst evident when listening through the Clearaudio Insider and the van den Hul Grasshopper, take on a very different presentation with the Allaerts.  Here, the Sopranos, Altos, and Tenors are delineated in such a way as to lay bare their tonal relationships, whilst the various choirs participating in the polyphony create a layering that is only hinted at through other cartridges."

"This cartridge enfolds a singer like Aretha Franklin or Ute Lemper into the music as if she is as organic to it as the rhythmic bass lines.  There is a unity and integrity about such a presentation, which, can at times, make you question the frequency balance and presentation of other cartridges." !!!!