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The Podium Sound loudspeaker is based on a large flat and rigid surface that moves led to a series of small and efficient engines. But like all simple accomplishments, it is the attention to small details that made the difference and allows Podium Sound loudspeakers to rise to this level of excellence.

Model .5 price 5,850 euro


To ensure these requirements and the consistency in the total production,

Podium Sound loudspeakers manufacturing is conducted in a totally manual way in Montpellier, southern France. In this structure, all means are made to ensure that each step of assembling a Podium Sound loudspeaker is made in the best conditions. The nomenclature is relatively small, but the quality of each component is naturally very high level.



The engines are manufactured to a very severe specification. The frames are constructed on the basis of strict rigidity. They are made of solid wood selected among the most beautiful tree, and then coated with varnish or piano lacquer, at your request. Ultra light membrane material "Honeycomb" is covered with Mylar. This membrane is attached to the frame with a special suspension. The loudspeaker sits in three points (two metal cones under the frame, and a machined metal rod) that determine the ideal angle of inclination for optimal dispersion.





The Podium Sound™ loudspeaker was created because Shelley Katz wanted to design a panel loudspeaker that sounds good (a Distributed Mode Loudspeaker, i.e. a panel that is induced to vibrate, and propagates sound through transverse waves). Indeed, on paper, the benefits of bi-polar panel loudspeakers compared with conventional loudspeakers (mostly electrodynamics) are evident in terms of spatial dispersion, treble integration and accurate phase coherence. Totally convinced by this mode of operation, Shelley Katz tested every speaker he could find of this type on the market since 1996, including the original Wharfedale LoudPanel of which he destroyed eight units during his research!

A significant problem was to convince the audiophile community of the great qualities of panel loudspeakers, hitherto confined to multimedia activities. Shelley Katz matured the technology quietly until 2006, when he launched an extremely musical loudspeaker absolutely fit to reproduce recorded music.

A Podium Sound loudspeaker represents the quintessence of the vibrating panel principle. It is a full range loudspeaker without filters or any electronics, those "toxic" elements required in the design of most loudspeakers. Podium loudspeakers have excellent sensitivity, greater than 91 dB / 1 W / 1 m according to the measurement protocols used with conventional speaker*. This allows Podium loudspeakers to perform with a very wide range of amplifiers of any technology. Unlike other flat loudspeakers, the Podium loudspeakers also manifest extremely stable impedance, making things very easy for amplifiers. The structure of the membrane and the loudspeaker performance accommodates high-level listening sessions, and includes a low register with serious extension, in frequency and level. Finally, this loudspeaker is light and easy to place - positioning has an astonishingly low impact on sound quality.

*Of course, conventional methods of measurement are completely inappropriate for vibrating panels. We will be posting a special report on an in depth scientific study of Podium Sound™ loudspeakers which is currently in progress at one of the world's leading centers of research in sound and vibration. We expect to publish the report in September




REVIEW MODEL 0.5  by     6MOON jan 2008